Skincare made with REAL ingredients

“Green Beauty” is not just a fad. The products that you use on your body are something you should be paying attention to. Their ingredients, where they’re sourced etc. Do you know that “fragrances” included in skincare products are hormone disruptors? It’s important to be mindful of what we’re putting on our bodies as adults, but even more so what products we’re putting on our babies. They are new in this world and it’s important to use products that don’t contain harsh chemicals that can harm them in the long run. Below are some of my favorite brands that I use daily and are safe to use during pregnancy and for babies!

  • Organic Bath Company (this is a local brand that I absolutely LOVE, the founder is an incredible woman and makes amazing products!) 

  • Cocokind (another product line that I love, uses real ingredients and has a product line specifically for babies!)

  • Franklin & Whitman (an amazing brand, whose founder is super mindful of the ingredients he uses AND 5% of their top sales goes towards helping shelters that rescue dogs)

  • Earth Mama Organics (a great company that focuses on using organic ingredients in their products that are safe during pregnancy, when baby arrives and postpartum)